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oh my god girl what happened? whats wrong?
i dnt know im not feeling well lets say i dont what to do in my life

OMG i dont know from where i started its the third time i click the bottom of the text and i cancelled it, it has been long day since last time i write here at the beginning i was so busy with my friend and family came to visit us from iraq

but these days i was so depressed, im so depressed

im worried about my future i dont know what to do next year,next month,next week and even tomorrow im scared of tomorrow sometimes i feel im very weak

these days are difficult for me i lose every joy in life i mean anything i used to do it with happiness before now things are change i dont feel in anything i do im just living to count days !! im so worried about my future so much so this forbid me to live my present

yeah i post pictures for me on instagram smiling but im not happy !!

even tumblr i didnt open it for long time, thanks guys for keeping following me ans i totally understand the ones who unfollowed me

i know you always send me things but i really was not in the mood to do anything

in-acs-and-united-we-trust always tagged me in any activity, thanks dani :)) im sorry i dont do them but i will try and im sorry for not telling you hapy birthday months ago, i loveyou

and im in  mathieudebootay follow forever list :)))) thank you so much girl

and chelsearealmadrid is writing to me a fanfic im sorry i didnt read the last chapter yet :(((

my activity line is so straight these days im not active i really want to join here again be with you guys sharing my happiness and my sadness abot football here i want to share with you my sadness about great players left us but im so depressed from everything

im not doing anything these days and even my fitness journey which i was so proud of it, i screw it it was the only thing i was fighting for and today i started eating like an idiot i just start to lose control on myself

im sorry guys for telling you this and sorry for tagging some of you but i just want to explain why im not here !!

maybe you didnt realize im absent but i want to explain anyway !!

“If you don’t surround yourself with positive people you’ll never be a happier person.”
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Sergio Ramos post-match interview after 1st leg of Spanish Super Cup [x]

"We had the control of the game. The goal was a silly mistake, but there is no reason to point to any player”

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A lesson in football:

  1. Don’t blame the fans for what the players do
  2. Don’t blame the players for what the fans do

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 Alvaro Morata ice bucket challenge [x]

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Imagine how depressed i am so i missed the first 10 minutes of the match because i forgot that today is the match !!!


im always suspicious of anyone that finds me attractive

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I want to do Ice bucket challenge 😁